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Chrysanthemums - the ultimate ebook

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I'm pleased to announce that the updated version of the ebook is now ready to download, everyone who have already bought the ebook can download the new version free of charge, 

For anyone who might like to purchase Chrysanthemums - the ultimate ebook.  It is now even better value.

I have had a few people ask could we produce it as a Chrysanthemum Book.  I would just like to explain that if we did this.  We would be holding a lot of old stock that we might not sell, and this would prevent us updating the book on a regular basis as we have done.  I'm sure you will all agree that our present format makes it easy to distribute all over the world and allows us to upgrade it periodically. Postage costs are also prohibitive these days.  I shudder to think what a paper copy of a chrysanthemum book would cost of the size of the ebook with unlimited use of photography.

As I write these notes, barely a few hours after releasing the new version it has already been downloaded in more than 6 countries.

I would also like to thank my ebook partner Paul Barlow, I'd like acknowledge his IT skills, in the  way he has put the ebook together.   

Also my daughter Sian who has built and maintains my website. If anyone gets any problem with the purchase of the ebook, or downloading a replacement copy I'm sure Sian will only be too pleased to help you.

I'll just leave you with a Chrysanthemum photo or two that might cheer you up on a cold winters night. OK a cold winters night in the UK, because yesterday It was 32c in Australia  and 22c in New Zealand so my chrysanthemum friends tell me.


Ivor                                                                                                                                                        McKinley



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National Chrysanthemum Society DVD

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I got a 2012 National shows DVD from Peter Fraser yesterday.  It is filmed and produced by Trevor Last.  I must say Trevor has made a good job of it and captured the whole event really well. The filming is good quality and he has narrated it really well to. 

If you'd like a copy you can get one from Peter Fraser, 317 Plessey Road, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3NP

Just send £6.00 which includes postage. 

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Chrysanthemums:- The Ultimate Ebook

Friday, 14 December 2012

Although the ebook is little over a year old, we are busy revising it.  What's more we intend it to become even better value than it was originally.  It will not only have increased pages but everyone who has already bought it can download the revised version absolutely free. 

Your feed back is really appreciated.  Stopping & Timing has been requested, and will be included in the new version.  We told you, you would never need to buy another chrysanthemum book, and we mean it.

To everyone who has bought Chrysanthemums:- The Ultimate Ebook A sincere thank you to each and every one of you, and we look forward to contacting you all when the revised version is ready for you download.

Best Regards

Ivor & Paul.      






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Cleaned up stock of Bronze Gigantic, Duke of Kent, Yellow Duke & Cream Duke

Monday, 03 December 2012

As many chrysanthemum growers will know, the National Chrysanthemum Society has embarked on programe to clean up chrysanthemum varieties.  Quite a few of the Large Exhibition varieties I grow are with the micro-propagator.  The NCS have sent varieties to Gentech a micro-propagation company in Scotland.  The technique involves removing the meristem, a small bundle of cells right in the tip of the plant, where cells are dividing to increase the height of the plant. The purpose of this is to get clean cells free of virus diseases.  It's a skilled job involving an air flow cabinet and sterile test tubes with agar and nutrients.  Once the small tip has grown into a little plant, it is tested for virus and providing its clean, the plant is chopped up into leaf bud cuttings and rooted in tubes.  Then they are removed and weaned in small plugs.

This is the stage we are at now with Bronze Gigantic, Duke of Kent, Yellow Duke and Cream Duke.  I have boxed the young plants up and I am growing them on as Mother Plants. By February/March I should have nice young shoots I can use as cuttings. 

I'm quite excited about it because around 1990 myself and Howard Minns had all the Large Exhibition varieties we grow cleaned up. Of all the varieties we had done, the Duke of Kent family showed the most improvement.  So if the same thing happens again we should see good Dukes at the shows next year.

If anyone has ordered Dukes and Bronze Gigantic or would like to order the cleaned up stock, the cost will be an extra £1 per cutting. I pass this on to the National Chrysanthemum Society to offset some of the costs. 

                        Duke of Kent                                                             Yellow Duke


Duke of Kent Family


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USA Trip

Sunday, 18 November 2012

So far so good. I'm really enjoying my USA trip.

I enjoyed New York Botanic gardens and also Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square Penylvannia. 

Here are a few photos so far.

N.Y.B.G. photos.

Longwood Photos

Just to prove I was there with Grower Yoko Arakawa.













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