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the largest supplier of Large Exhibition Chrysanthemums in Europe 
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Now also a supplier of Exhibition Carnations 

I specialise in late flowering chrysanthemums and in particular the Large Exhibition cultivars which I grow and supply to growers. I am a grower of over 30 years experience and have exhibited blooms at the National Chrysanthemum Society’s Championships continually since 1975. I have achieved consistent success during this period, winning the championship 20 times. During this time I have acquired the finest stock and I have reselected it over many years. [More]

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New from the blog:

All my Large Exhibition are housed in the greenhouse at last

What a couple of weeks I've had. Tall plants are hard work.  I got some in last week before going to Harrogate and the rest this week.  I say a little prayer for cooler weather. Its been very hot this week.