Chrysanthemums : The ultimate e-book


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5th edition published 25/02/2021

  • The authors of this publication have combined experience of over 70 years chrysanthemum cultivation.
  • We believe this e-book is a global first on the subject of chrysanthemums.
  • The e-book contains broad coverage - from Large Exhibition to Fantasies and Early disbuds to Hardy Garden and everything in between.
  • The book boasts over 450 pages packed with advice and guidance and literally hundreds of photographs  and illustrations.
  • We have contributions from four current U.K. National Champions.
  • At 20mb the e-book requires no more space on your computer than a handful of high quality digital photos.

Clare Foggett, Editor Garden News, writes about the e-book …

“You do not need to read far to realise what depth of knowledge and expertise has gone into writing it”

“ … you know the advice inside these pages is top-notch.”

“ … it’s also in-depth and detailed, yet delivered in simple language and straightforward terms, with excellent explanatory photos that help make sense of all aspects of chrysanthemum growing.”

“Everything you need to know to grow chrysanthemums successfully is explained in these pages, making it the perfect reference for anyone growing these addictive plants for the first time, as well as a must-have for the seasoned grower.”

“The word ‘ultimate’ is over-used these days, but I really do believe that Chrysanthemums - The Ultimate E-book, is worthy of its ‘ultimate’. “

“ … definitely the only chrysanthemum book you’ll need to buy.”


Table of Contents

Meet the Authors

Chapter 1 – Introducing Chrysanthemums  

Chapter 2 – A brief history of the chrysanthemum

Chapter 3 – Obtaining Stock

Chapter 4 – Looking After Your Stools      

Chapter 5 – Potting Composts       

Chapter 6 – Propagation Equipment

Chapter 7 – Rooting Cuttings         

Chapter 8 – Soil Preparation

Chapter 9 – First Potting     

Chapter 10 – Second Potting         

Chapter 11 – Final Potting   

Chapter 12 – Stopping & Timing

Chapter 13  Planting and summer care    

Chapter 14 – Summer quarters and standing ground       

Chapter 15 – Bloom protection – Earlies    

Chapter 16 – Housing the plants in the greenhouse        

Chapter 17 – Exhibiting Early disbuds        

Chapter 18 – Exhibiting Late flowering types.       

Chapter 19 – Chrysanthemum Hydroponics

Chapter 20  Large & Medium Exhibition chrysanthemums

Chapter 21 – Decorative chrysanthemums 

Chapter 22 – Incurve chrysanthemums     

Chapter 23 – Single chrysanthemums       

Chapter 24 – Anemone chrysanthemums   

Chapter 25 – Fantasy chrysanthemums     

Chapter 26 – Charms, Cascades & Specimen plants        

Chapter 27 – Hardy Garden Chrysanthemums       

Chapter 28 – Spray chrysanthemums        

Chapter 29 – Dwarf Pot Chrysanthemums  



Appendix A – Glossary of Terms     

Appendix B – Propagation experiment        

Appendix C – Beneficial Fungi

Appendix D – Micropropagation      

Appendix E – Hot water Treatment 

Appendix F – Useful external resources     

Appendix G – Chrysanthemum Sports        

Appendix H – Chrysanthemums in Japan, China and India

Appendix I – Fertilisers Chart         

Appendix J – Pests, diseases and nutritional disorders     

Appendix K – Large Exhibition Gallery        

Appendix L – Medium Exhibition Gallery      

Appendix M – Decoratives Gallery   

Appendix N – Incurves Gallery        

Appendix O – Singles Gallery

Appendix P – Anemones Gallery      

Appendix Q – Fantasies Gallery      

Appendix R – Charms & Specimens Gallery 

Appendix S – Hardy Garden Gallery 

Appendix T – Sprays Gallery

Appendix U – U.K. Classification system 

Appendix V - USA Classification System   

Appendix W - E-book updates - Version 5