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Raised by Len Shoesmith and released in 1962. Alan Wren registered the Silver sport in 1972. Although this was the original seedling that was raised by Len Shoesmith, the Floral committee of the National Chrysanthemum Society in their wisdom insisted that the silver was the sport. In effect the Silver has been registered twice and Gigantic has never been registered. Both Norman and Harold Walker registered the Golden sport in 1979 and Tony Winter had the Amber sport. This was registered in 1981. Primrose and Yellow sports have also been registered but these have proved to be synonymous with the Amber when grown cool.

I got the Bronze sport in 2003, I registered it in 2004 and came on the market in 2005.

I grow half the Amber Gigantic and Silver Gigantic on 1st crown and half on 2nd crown. The Gigantic and Golden Gigantic are all grown 2nd crown. The reason for this is that I am unable to avoid these blooms going past their best if the buds are secured before first week of August, whereas the Amber and Silver are much better at holding on if they are on the early side.
For 2nd crown I root 10th - 20th of January, the first stop on 21st March. I allow two breaks to grow, then stop one of these on the 10th of May and the other on the 20th May. Later, when the plants are carrying two breaks after the second stop (one earlier than the other by a week to 10 days) choose the break with the bud secured in the first 5 days of August (if possible) and remove the other break.
For 1st crown root 1st March and stop 20th May.
I find a 10” pot ideal for Gigantic as the biggest blooms come from big plants with heavy wood. They take full feeds, I use Vitax Q4 up to bud and Q4HN or Chempak number 2 once the buds appear. If the weather is hot and the wood is ripening I swap to the HN or Chempak no2 to keep them producing heavy wood.

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